Luke Christy grew up in a remote, off-grid home in Colorado, and has always loved building & fixing just about anything he can get his hands on. He has worked on solar systems for as long as he can remember, and has grown up along side the solar industry. (If you have a spare afternoon, he can describe the evolution of inverter technology over the past 25 years.)

One of Luke’s strongest assets is his uncanny ability to trouble-shoot and problem-solve all manner of problems. This skill comes from a life-long study of how things work, and a passion for fixing problems, frequently augmenting his understanding of systems with additional research. As a result, he is often asked to work on “problem” solar systems, and has worked with literally hundreds of solar systems (both PV & solar thermal), requiring an ability to quickly analyze system functionality, and resolve all manner of design, installation, and maintenance issues. He has also personally designed and installed/ overseen about 75 systems of his own. As a result, he has experience with all types of equipment, familiarity with typical equipment failures, difficult site conditions, complex shading, and other miscellaneous issues that affect system performance.

In recent years, Luke Christy has made a concerted effort to ensure that he has extensive training and experience in both solar electric and solar thermal technologies. (Please see .pdf file below for a list of recent trainings).

Luke holds NABCEP & CoSEIA certifications for PV installers, and recently sat for the NABCEP exam for Solar Thermal Installers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Berea College. In his spare time, he enjoys fixing cars, generators, and all manner of gadgets, renovating his 100 year old home, taking things apart, playing with Arduinos, and figuring out how to spend more time traveling.