Laura Mezoff Christy
Laura Mezoff Christy grew up in a passive solar home in New Mexico, and approaches the solar industry from the field of architecture. Her extensive education in architecture & planning underlies her strong understanding of building science, and the interconnection between renewable energy technologies and buildings. She has a passion for renewable energy (particularly solar), and teaching others about such technologies. Besides working in all aspects of SGS, she has a strong interest and understanding of the effects of legislation, utility rate structures, and financing structures on the implementation of solar energy projects.

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, and master’s degrees in both Architecture and City Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. While at UC Berkeley, she was awarded the John K. Branner Traveling Fellowship, which funded a year of international travel, allowing her to study rooftop architecture in cities around the world. This trip afforded her the opportunity to see the deployment of renewable energy technologies in many parts of the world.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys blogging about the trials of renovating a 100 year old home, design, knitting, and describing herself in the third person.