The term "solar gain" refers to the energy benefits derived from sunlight falling on a surface. Solar Gain Services is a company founded on the idea that we can help our customers benefit from the sun’s unlimited energy by providing unmatched technical expertise and customer service.

Solar Gain Services, LLC (SGS) is a solar integration business based in Colorado's San Luis Valley. The company was founded in 2006 by Luke Christy and Laura Mezoff (Christy) out of a desire to have our own business after working in the solar business in California. We are a nimble and creative company with the skill and diverse services to provide our customers with a comprehensive set of solar expertise. We are skilled at working creatively within a competitive budget, while providing highly personalized service. We have a long-term focus on designing and installing the highest quality solar systems combined with strong commitment to customer service after the system is completed. This is very important, since solar systems are designed to last a minimum of 25 years, and as a long-term investment, it is vital that such systems operate as planned over the long term. Our expertise extends far beyond merely hooking up wires or pipes. We have strong understanding of building science, codes, roof penetrations, electronics theory, current best practices, sizing, trouble-shooting, and much more. At Solar Gain Services, we believe that ongoing education is a vital part of being on top of our game in a rapidly expanding industry. This breadth of knowledge and experience is particularly important for off-grid applications where it is vitally important that energy usage be considered throughout the project, so that all elements of the building project can interface well with each other.

Commercial customers of Solar Gain Services have included Western State College, Costilla County Biodiesel, Center Housing Authority, and the University of Wyoming (Laramie). We’ve also enjoyed working with numerous private and residential customers. In addition to grid-tied PV projects, SGS has developed a specialized market working on customized and complex systems for off-grid PV and solar thermal applications, which means that it has broad experience dealing with many different types of systems and situations.

Solar Gain Services carries commercial liability insurance, and we’re always happy to provide references upon request. We are also committed to keeping our own carbon footprint as small as possible by reducing fossil fuel usage through our own solar systems, recycling as much as possible, and driving our fuel-efficient vehicles as little as possible.